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Adopting a Child From Haiti

"I met these children who don't have a lot of love in their life," said Kara, a single woman who is determined to make a difference in the world. She visited an orphanage in Haiti and her heart was broken for the children there. Kara is now adopting a child from Haiti...

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Arizona Adoption Agency on a Mission to Change Lives

Story after story of children’s lives changed forever and of families whose hearts and homes have been filled with children to love through the miracle of adoption. This is why Building Arizona Families, a licensed Arizona adoption agency, steadfastly continues its...

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Considering Growing Your Family Through Newborn Adoption?

Private Domestic Adoption If you are interested in adopting a baby in the United States, did you know that this type of adoption that best suits your interest is called private domestic adoption?  The reason that this is the case, is that licensed adoption agencies...

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Are You A U.S. Citizen Considering International Adoption?

Are you a United States citizen considering international adoption? International adoption in the United States is governed by the Department of State and is considered one of their highest priorities. The United States entered into the Hague Convention in 2008. The...

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Wondering About Haitian Adoption Requirements?

Wondering About Haitian Adoption Requirements? Adopting a baby or an older child from Haiti is a wonderful way to grow your forever family! It provides a future for a precious child who otherwise would have very little possibility of living a prosperous life.  Below...

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Considering Domestic Adoption of a Baby?

People considering infant domestic adoption in the United States have lots of questions they need answered to make an informed decision about growing their forever families. At Building Arizona Families, we offer domestic adoption Arizona services and for families...

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Adopt Foster Kids Arizona!

There are over 10,000 vulnerable children in Arizona’s foster care system who have been removed from their homes as a result of life endangering abuse and/or neglect. At any one time, there are typically over 4,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system whose...

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Adopting a Child From Haiti Creates a Bright Future!

Do you want to build your forever family with a child or children who face a dismal future without your safe home and loving care? Please consider adopting a child from Haiti.  As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the Haitian children living in orphanages...

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