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HOME STUDY SERVICESHome studies are required for a family to adopt a child internationally or from anywhere in the U.S. The home study approves you as an adoptive family so that you may work with the child referral service that best meets your needs in any state.$1,100
HAGUE HOME STUDYBuilding Arizona Families is Hague Convention Accredited$1,400
RELATIVE HOME STUDYHome studies are required for a family to adopt a child from the U.S. or internationally. The home study is approving you as an adoptive family and so you may work with the child referral service that best meets your needs in any state.$800
SEVERANCE STUDY REPORTMay be required by the court in order to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent(s).$600
HOME STUDY ADDENDUM/UPDATEWhen is a home study update/addendum needed? An update is necessary if you have changed jobs, moved to a new home in the same state, if there is a new member is living in the home, or if you have decided to change adoption programs. If you have moved to another state you will be required to have a new home study completed. Home studies are only valid in the state in which they were completed.$300
HOME STUDY RE-CERTIFICATION REPORTHome studies are only valid for a particular length of time depending on the state it was completed in. This does not mean that you have to go through the entire home study process again; it simply means that the home study must be updated after this time has passed. There will be at least one visit in your home with a social worker, and you will be asked to submit current documentation—including background checks and CPS clearances. If you have moved to another state, you will be required to have a new home study completed. Home studies are only valid in the state in which they were completed.$500/$800
Standard Home Study$500
HAGUE HOME STUDY CONVERSIONRe-certification/Update of Home Study to meet Hague requirements including one, 1-hour home visit.$800
POST PLACEMENT /ADOPTION REPORTSAfter a child is placed with you, either internationally or domestically, it is required that you have a completed post placement or post adoption report conducted by a licensed adoption agency. A post-placement/post adoption report involves a visit to your home to check on the adjustment of the child and the family and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.$300
TRAVEL FEE (IF APPLICABLE)For Families located beyond the Phoenix area we will travel to your home for the first home visit.$100 -
ADOPTION STUDY REPORT$200 will be deducted from the Adoption Study fee if an adoptive Home Study or Severance Report ADD IN was completed with Building Arizona Families.

$100 will also be deducted from the Adoption Study fee for each post placement visit/report completed with Building Arizona Families with a maximum deduction of $300.

Adoption Study Report for any type of adoption.
POST-ADOPTION CONSULTATION SERVICESAre you experiencing post-adoption distress? Are you experiencing any of the following: tantrums or rages, food hoarding, stealing, lying, sibling rivalry, trust issues, immaturity, nightmares, night terrors, sleep disturbances? Are you having problems bonding with your child? Are you having problems with your school accommodating your child…Do you know your rights? Have you had difficulty with your child’s hygiene? Have you had difficulty bonding with your child, do you suspect Reactive Attachment Disorder? We can help you address all of these issues and so much more.Contact Us
POST PLACEMENT CONSULTATIONBuilding Arizona Families provides post placement services to families residing in the State of Arizona. If you reside outside of Arizona, we will be happy to provide referral agencies for you!

Let the Building Arizona Families’ Consultation Team come to you and work with family members on any or all of these issues.

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There will be a 3% charge to all services charged on a Visa or MasterCard Credit Card.


We would like to honor our military and public service families for their service to our country and its citizens.There will be a 15% discount off Building Arizona Families’ fees.* The discount is offered to all active personnel and those who have formally served. This discount includes Home Studies, Post Placement Reports, Adoption Reports, and Adoption Re-certification. Thank You for your Service.

This discount does not apply to Domestic Birth, Haiti, and Interstate program fees.

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